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 The ocean is an incredible example of how life can thrive in balance - ecosystems of coral, underwater food chains that stretch from continent to continent, and aquatic life adapted the harshest conditions. When that balance is disrupted, however, problems can ripple through these interconnected nets of life like a rock thrown into a pool. That’s exactly why we’ve brought to life.
 Creating a Ripple Effect
We’ve sourced beautiful ocean-centered artwork and graphics, combined them with the highest quality clothing and home décor items, and connected each piece to a vital brand mission: protecting our oceans.
Before we ever opened our digital doors, we knew that we wanted our company to stand for something we believed in. That’s why, on every page in our store, you’ll see our promise to our customers and the earth we all share: 10% of net profits from each item sold go directly to our vetted partner organizations to preserve and promote ocean life.
Partners in Ocean Protection 
Our first partners are the most important - our customers. Without the support and patronage of ethically conscious customers like you, we wouldn’t be able to help the planet as much as we do!
We’ve also partnered with an incredible organization called SEE Turtles (, operating out of Portland, Oregon. A hardworking global network dedicated to protecting sea turtles, their eggs, and vulnerable hatchlings on beaches around the world, they do important work through community organizations, beach patrols, as well as tracking and reporting illegal turtle egg poachers. When you buy items like our Coral Sea Turtle Short Sleeve Tee, you’re not only supporting sea turtles with awareness and visibility, part of your purchase price goes directly to this team of heroes fighting to save and protect sea turtle populations.
Another partner in ocean preservation we’re proud to support is the National Marine Life Center ( ), located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. The hands-on team at the center not only takes in injured and stranded marine animals for care, they also help rehabilitate and release them back into the wild. When you add home décor items like our Birds Over Sunset Canvas Print to your cart, you’re helping this worthy organization support the advancement of conservation science and STEM education, as they help train a new generation of ocean protectors.
Each of the beautiful sea-themed gifts you’ll find on our site is one step closer to keeping our oceans clean, safe, and healthy for the wealth of creatures that depend on it for life. That includes humans - and we hope you’re as proud to be a part of that solution as we are.
Author: Delaney Martinez

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