Packaging and Recycling


Recycling and using only environmentally friendly materials as a means to helping our causes is something that's very important to us here at Ocean Works. Our supplier uses solar panels, and our clothing is eco-friendly. We also understand that biodegradable packaging would be more environmentally healthy.

Unfortunately, since the business is in its fetal stage, we cannot support the cost of that packaging yet. Our goal is to switch to biodegradable packaging by the end of 2022. With your help, we can make a healthier change and be better together. If you are interested in helping us move towards this very important goal of ours, please send us an email.


In the meantime, you can help us by using these solutions to do the right thing when it comes to recycling the right way.


  1. Recycle your plastic properly: Do not recycle your plastic in a curbside bin, find a local retail drop off location. See here for more information on how to find these. ( Here is another place to find out what you can do recycle your items properly (
  2. Placing an order: When placing an order, make sure to place one single order. Sometimes our supplier splits the packaging which doubles the amount of plastic used.
  3. Skip the overnight shipping: You don’t have to stop shopping online. In fact, shopping online generally has a smaller carbon footprint than driving to the store. But before you select the fastest delivery option, consider whether you need the order in two days. Also, avoid the temptation to try on our and return them online. Make sure you read the size table. These small changes stack up, resulting in fewer trucks on the road and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Thank you for your efforts and continued support!
-The team at Ocean Works